Standard Features

All Terrain Campers are fully insulated! No Particle or Press Board Is Used in Our Campers!

New Campers...

Cougar/Puma Camper - Table Open

Everyone at All Terrain Campers takes a lot of pride not only in our workmanship, but also in the materials we use to build your camper. That's why you will never find any particle or press board in our campers. We currently are building to order. Please call us to see if we have any new campers in production for you to look at.

Our Standard Features...

Each camper comes with everything you'll need to start camping immediately! Standard features include a stainless steel sink w/hand and 12 volt pump, 2-burner stove, portable table, a lower couch that makes into a bed, and plenty of storage room in cabinets, and under couches. A 20-pound propane tank with gauge, a 15-gallon water tank w/monitor panel, 4 corner Jack brackets, Roof Struts, Pre-wired for Solar Panel, Marine/RV Deep-Cycle battery, a screen door with a deadbolt, and a front picture window.

Our standard bed extends 48" over your cab and has a very comfortable 4" thick mattress. The bed's overall size varies with the model.

Every camper is built with an aluminum frame that is made to flex with your truck bed without coming apart like most camper frames do over time.

After listening to our customers' feedback, All Terrain Campers, with over 30 years experience in the industry, builds campers that will suit your needs and desires... campers you'll enjoy for years to come!

When you purchase an All Terrain camper, you are buying a camper built by campers for campers. We use the campers we build... all the time!

Call today 1-(800)-446-1003!

12-vold outlet

A 12-volt outlet w/USB is standard in each model camper. Located in the cabinet to the right of the sink, you can plug in an appliance and set it on top of the icebox. Another outlet can be added to the camper in the front of the cabinet.

12-vold outlet

"The icebox is no longer made".

12-vold outlet

The stove is a 2 burner, flush mount with a protective glass top lid. The lid folds down when not in use, protecting the stove and giving you a usable, flat surface.

12-vold outlet

The stainless steel sink is located in the middle of the counter top for ease of use, has a hand and 12 volt pump. There is room to the left of the sink to place dishes to dry.

12-vold outlet

Each camper comes with a fire extinguisher and a smoke alarm. Hopefully you’ll never have to use the extinguisher.

Standard Features

  • Sink
  • Hand and 12volt pumps
  • Stove
  • Couch
  • Table
  • Monitor panel
  • 12 volt outlet w/USB
  • Inside and Porch LED lights
  • LED Marker and Brake lights
  • Large passenger side window
  • Front picture window
  • Screen Door
  • Curtains
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Overhead storage
  • 5-gallon propane tank
  • 15-gallon water tank
  • Drawer in cabinet
  • Roof vent
  • Roof Struts
  • 4 Corner Jack Brackets
  • Pre-Wired for Solar Panel
  • Marine/RV Deep Cycle Battery
  • CO and LP monitor Alarm
  • A generous amount of storage space in the cabinet and under the couch.